Six reasons to use illustrations in your web design projects


Web designers are always looking for interactive features that will boost the appearance of their website. Because I know that sometimes your inspiration may drain out, I thought it would be best if I came to your rescue with some great ideas for your new project. Well, in case you want to take things to a different level, then some illustrations would help you create a different aspect to your new website. After all, a good web designer is not afraid to try out new things; on the contrary, this person accepts changes and new challenges, in order to discover his or her style. In the following lines you will find out which are the advantages of using something like this, and in the end you will be able to realize if illustrations are the right features for you.

However, web designers should be cautious as far as illustrations go, because they have certain disadvantages that could break the design of their website. For example, these could affect the effective loading of the page or the harmony of the web design. Anyway, we will get to this topic shortly, for the moment see which are the upsides of the illustrations and think whether you could insert something like this on your project.

Add a unique touch

Once you will become acquainted to illustrations and you will know how to use them right, your website will become memorable and one of a kind, especially because of the illustrations you use. The idea is to go for something related to the content and purpose of your website and thus your web designing style will make you famous, in this domain. In other words, once you have picked them appropriately, your visitors will start to make a connection between them and the brand you are creating. So, as you can see, illustrations could help develop your career as a web designer, which means that one should not treat these superficially.

Beautify the design

It is no secret that people are attracted to beautiful things, also it shouldn’t come as a surprise that beauty is subjective; which means that things that are appealing to some will seem despicable to others. However, when it comes to illustrations, we all agree that they have an embellishing aspect, maybe because of the fact that they remind us of childhood. Anyway, every web designer should become conscious of the fact that illustrations could enhance the beautiful part of their project, besides helping them make a point in this area.

Highlight important facts


In case you wanted to draw the attention of your visitors towards certain important points of your website, but you wanted to do it in a more unconventional manner, i.e. without the help of colors, textures, and so on, illustrations could assist you in this respect, too. This means that whenever you want to highlight something, just insert an unusual illustration and your visitors will definitely direct their eyes towards the point of interest. My suggestion is for you to try this, because in this manner you will definitely differentiate yourself from the other web designers.

Inform your audience

Your visitors appreciate when they are shown the steps that they should take when being in the middle of certain processes. Well, once again your illustrations will help them figure things out and will explain them how to use certain services. As a result, you should definitely think about this nice feature and you should give it a try, because who better would explain things to your website users other than some funny illustrations?

Add an entertaining touch

Because I have just mentioned the”funny” aspect, you should know that this is not something one should skip. People desire to be entertained when looking for information, so if you are able to add humor and amusement to your website, then you should not think twice. Amuse your visitors and they will definitely become fans to your work. Therefore, as you can see the key to your audience heart is laughter, which means that, the more entertaining, the merrier. So, every web designer should use at least once in their life illustrations, because the result is spectacular.

Extra to your web design


I bet many times in your career after you have finished a project you felt that something was missing. I’m sure that you have found that missing feature in a flash element or certain interesting graphics; but sometimes, if the design allows it too, illustrations are simply the best supplement. However, you should be careful at this aspect, because you wouldn’t want to over load your page with unnecessary elements. Insert something extra only if your website could “take it”.

So, illustrations on a website will definitely show that you are talented and committed to your work, since you want your projects to have everything they need to be complete. However, one should be careful, as far as this matter goes, because illustrations used as a base for your entire layout will harm your website, for instance these will increase the page loading time.

At the same time, another disadvantage would be the fact that illustrations used improperly will affect the appearance of your page. If they do not suit the purpose of your website your readers will lose interest and will leave your website for good. Maybe, some of you believe that it is not very important to match the purpose of your website with the design, but visitors care about this aspect and if the appearance is not serious enough for them, they won’t waste their time to see if the content of your texts is really something they need.

To conclude, despite the downsides of these elements, illustrations could become a part of your website (if they match the topic and theme of your page), because they will bring many improvements to your work, such as a comic effect or a unique touch, in an informative manner.

About The Author

Adrian is a passionate blogger and chief of the team behind DesignModo website. This blog is a great resource where you can find tons of tutorials, freebies and Big collection of Web UI Kits and Icons; Professional and pixel perfect User Interface packs for Designers and Web Developers.


About Author

Adrian is a passionate blogger and chief of the team behind DesignModo website. This blog is a great resource where you can find tons of tutorials, freebies and Big collection of Web UI Kits and Icons; Professional and pixel perfect User Interface packs for Designers and Web Developers.