Create Realistic Liquid Chocolate in Adobe Illustrator


This tutorial will guide you to the process of Creating Realistic Liquid Chocolate drop in Adobe Illustrator.

In this tutorial I will cover 3d tool of Adobe Illustrator to make realistic mouth-watering chocolate. This tutorial not only applies to chocolate but also you can create paint drop or other liquid drop using the same technique.

Software: Adobe Illustrator CS5

Here is the final output which we will be getting:

Final Image


Step 1

Step 01

Open Illustrator and create a new document. Select Pen Tool(P) and draw the shape as shown in the image. Keep the Stroke Weight to 0.5pt. Set the color of the stroke to #3B1B09


Step 2

Step 02

Using Pen tool create another small line parallel to the straight line as shown in image, keeping it very close to the next line. Reason for creating a new line is that it will give some thickness when applying the 3d effect which you will see in coming steps. Group the two stroke lines

Step 3

Step 03

Next step is to apply a 3d revolve effect which will create the look of a chocolate liquid flowing kind effect. Goto Effect >3D >Revolve

In the 3d revolve option box set the perspective value to 50.

Also set X-rotation: -26, Y-rotation: -29, Z-rotation: 7 specifically.

Step 03a

Step 4

Step 04

Now we will adjust the lighting. Click on More Options to access more features of the 3d revolve.

In the Surface section adjust the light little upwards. As shown in figure. Set the Highlight Intensity: 50, Highlight Size: 70 and Blend Steps to 60.

Now create a new light and move it to front of object.

Step 04a

Position the secondary light as shown in the image below.

Step 04b

Click Ok.

Step 5

Step 05

Now just expand the appearance by going to Object >Expand Appearance

Step 05a

And you are done.

Step 06

Final Image

Final Image


Thanks for watching the tutorial.

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  • Agegrajelay

    hello! somebody maybe use google?


  • Adriana Aguilar

    i have a problem, my chocolate doesn’t have the same… profundity that yours has, how can i add more shadows?
    and when i expand the appearance it seems like each of the lights and shadows are independent and have little line between them.


    • All you need to play with the step 4. Adjust the lights and you will find many variable effect.
      Also just use the expand appearance once. If you will further expand the object then it will create further breakdown with those lines.