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The guest post is provided by Ethan Sigmon from Konfusion Clothing. He share some of the experience on how Kickstarter works and how can you increase your funding with Kickstarter. Further post will be described by him:


Leverage Crowd Funding to Bring your Art to Life

Getting enough money to produce your art in bulk can be difficult or near to impossible. There’s a way for you to raise the capital needed to pursue your design goals with websites such as Kickstarter.
Artists just like you have brought their dreams to life and I will show you how you can too.


What is Kickstarter?

Crowd funding is a growing method used by small business owners to get their project off the ground. Kickstarter has provided entrepreneurs and artists the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects with millions of dollars in pledges weekly.
Through you create a project that usually consists of a video and a write up explaining what you are trying to do and what you want to accomplish. You set a goal as to how much money you need to raise to start or expand your business.
You also set up pledge tiers and the rewards received for each pledge amount. For example someone trying to print a unique line of screen prints may offer a small print for a $20 dollar pledge, a larger print for $50 and so on. It is an all or nothing platform, so if your funding goal is not reached all pledgers will be refunded their money and you will receive nothing. Rewards can and should be interesting.

In the project lunching of my graphic T-shirt line Konfusion Clothing we are rewarding pledgers not only with bandanas, hoodies, and T-shirts, but even a trip with one of the owners to watch our sponsored professional MMA fighter, Travis Marx, compete in the Bellator Fighting Championship’s Bantam weight tournament in Canada.


How can I use Kickstarter?

Whether you’re trying to build your portfolio by designing logos or you’re trying to launch your unique line of custom wrapping paper. Many Graphic designers have and are using Kickstarter to slingshot their business.
Brandon Eck launched a project called Lets make a bunch of logos of which backers received a one of a kind logo in return for their pledge. He got more than 400 backers and raised more than $26,000 dollars in pledges!
Sarah Fay and Justin Cult launched a project called Gift Couture which is a creative and innovative wrapping paper company. Gift Couture offers high-quality wrapping paper sets. They produce unique papers that coordinate together into conceptualized themes and sets. This is exemplified in the Cheeseburger set which includes 5 different wrapping paper designs; a bun, hamburger, cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes, all of the components of a Cheeseburger! They got more than 600 backers and raised more than $16,000 dollars in pledges!
The possible project ideas are endless.

I am currently running a project to bring my graphic T-shirt line to life. What awesome idea do you have that has been waiting to come out? Bring it to life, take action and do more with your graphic art. Share it with the world!


Advantages of Kickstarter

  1. No loans to pay back:  Since Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform you will never have to pay the money back. All you have to do is simply fulfill your promised rewards. You avoid going into debt to launch your business, giving you the needed capital without the stress.
  2. You get to keep full ownership of your company:  Since you are providing a product or service for your backers you get to retain full ownership of the company. This gives you full creative reign and control of the aesthetic of your company and art work.
  3. Extra Exposure:  You will have to generate most of the traffic to your project on your own, but having your work up on the website does make it easily available to be browsed by the hundreds of thousands of visitors to daily. This provides you with extra exposure and new potential customers.
  4. Gauges Interest:  Kickstarter is a great way to find out if others love your work just as much as you do. It can be seen as a form of pre-ordering and provides valuable information for inventory statistics. You will be able to see what sells more than others and stock inventory accordingly after your launch.


Is Crowd Funding for you?

Crowd funding is not for everyone. Think about your project and what it is that you want to accomplish. Running a project is not easy and will not produce results without effort. I had multiple investors offer me the money needed to launch my current project Konfusion Clothing. It was very enticing, and seemed just like the break I had been looking for since I launched my company in 2009. It was a hard decision as I considered my options but I ultimately decided that crowd funding was the way I wanted to try to get the capital I needed. The main reason for crowd funding was to maintain full ownership of the company in order to remain true to my art and the brand I wanted to develop. With the extended reach available to each of us through the internet crowd funding has become a more and more prominent way to fund creative projects that would otherwise be overlooked by big investors.

Knowledge is useless without application. If you are trying to take your creative project to the next level consider the things I have talked about and do even more research. I will be writing an article shortly with tips to launching a successful project.

Visit a variety of projects, look for what makes a good project and where others fall short. You can start by visiting some of the projects I mentioned previously or my personal project for Konfusion Clothing here.

Leave a comment and let me know what you learned from this article.


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