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Now that everything has taken a virtual turn, companies should definitely find a company that would be able to offer them logo design or web design services. People who ignore the modern day’s tendencies will bring a prejudice to their business and since this must be avoided, one should totally find out more about the recent technologies. LogoBee could be the right company for you and your business, because this has many services, advantages and freebies to offer. Anyway, in the following lines you will find everything you should know about these aspects, which is why you should definitely read them.



The company’s services

Because you are definitely interested in what this agency could do for you, first of all its services will be enumerated. It goes without saying that you could get the ideal logo for your business, from here. Because they are focused on their clients, their experienced team is ready to advise you, so that you will end up with something memorable and representative for your company. And, if you are curious to see what their work looks like, then you should check out their sample section.

For the stationery service you will get business cards, letterheads, envelopes and unlimited revisions. Again, before commencing the process you should have a look at their samples in order to realize if they could meet your requirements. And last but not least, they could offer you graphic and web design services. They value communication and therefore their team members will talk to you and let you know every detail about the process, so that in the end you will be pleased with the result.


The company’s prices

As you are about to see they don’t charge much for their services. For instance, clients who desire logo design services will have to pay $249 for the Special plan, $379 for the Silver program, $449 for the Golden deal and $549 for the Express package. It is needless to mention that as the price gets higher the benefits multiply, too. If you are interested in stationery, you should know that prices are between $70 and $549. As far as graphic design services are concerned, prices start from $399 and go up to $699. While, for web design clients will have options varying between $1199 and $2500+.



The company’s process

Regardless of the service you are interested in, there are five simple steps one should follow. First of all, it is compulsory to begin by choosing one of the pricing plans and by filling out an online order form. Afterwards, customers will have to make the payment through Pay Pal, MasterCard, AMEX, Visa, Discover or by sending a check or a money order. Then, they will start working on your project and you will receive a web address for your own private project page. In the fourth step they will bring some changes to the items they have already sent you. Also, at this stage you should inform them, if you don’t like their pieces of creation, in order to get a free redraw session. And in the end, you will receive your files, together with the stationery item, depending on the plan you have selected. Anyway, if you will go to the process area, you will get all the details you need, in order to complete all the steps.



The company’s freebies

Because they want to give back to their customers, this company has several freebies, people could benefit from. When it comes to logo designs, if users have a difficulty in purchasing one of their packages, then they can download some of the templates with premade logos, posted in templates section. The other templates existing in this area could be customized by their team of professionals, for a nominal fee. Also, they post free graphic design material (graphic designs, illustrator brushes) on their website. Therefore, people who need these for their business should definitely take advantage of their gratis items. So, if you want to get updates about these freebies, you could find them on Facebook, My Space and Twitter. Oh, and one must definitely check out their free tutorial section, in order to get some tips on how to complete various design tasks.


The affiliate program

LogoBee has a great affiliate program, which blog or website owners should join. These people could make some money if they will advertise this web page on their site. Then, for each referral that purchases a logo design package the affiliate will get $20. However, if your referrals will go for a web design service, then you will gain $40. And there is one more thing that you should be aware of. People will surely be motivated to get your coupons because these will bring them a $20 or $40 discount. So, don’t waste time and get in this affiliate program.

As you can see this multiple award winning company could really help you solve your tasks, through its great services.


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