Tips For Successful Business Relationship With Your Website Development Company


Whether you are a startup company, small business or large enterprise; when you venture into the world of online business– a successful collaboration with the website development company  you hire is a must. You need a website that is built to match with your pre-decided framework of time, expenses and required functionalities. Though this sounds simple; accomplishing it is not always easy. Rather than getting into confrontations midway into the project, it is better to convey your requirements and expectations in the very beginning. There are a few vital points you should focus on and be clear about so that the designing, development, running and maintenance of your business website is accomplished without any hiccups.

  • Look for required skill-set and experience:  Every business has challenges unique to it and for a successful online business you need a website that has been designed to handle them all. Try to get a web developer who is familiar with the specifics of your industry, business, market and competitors. Also, look for an experienced developer with proven technical expertise.
  • Ensure a flexible and accessible communication network:  The project is certain to involve a lot of communication between you and the developer. Determine who at the web development company will be your point of contact. Make sure that you have a comfortable level of understanding with him.
  • Agree upon exact price and time-frame:  Every delay in your website’s development will mean monetary loss for you. Decide an exact timetable; including some contingency time and discuss with your website development company about whether it is capable of and can commit to completing the project within that time-period. Similar clarity is required with the pricing too. To spare yourself from some nasty surprises later on, be very specific about the services included in the quoted price and the rate of the add-ons.
  • Discuss provision for revisions and changes:  As your website develops; you may be reviewing the features, functions, look & feel, capabilities, etc. At times, you will find that things that looked good on paper have not turned out as appealing in practice. Discuss the possibility and the extent of revisions and changes with your web developer. However, you must remember that too much of cutting and modifying is not readily entertained.
  • Make sure of healthy customer support: Technical support from your website developer is very crucial, especially during the early days of your site’s development and launch. Several problems can crop up that you may not have foreseen. You not only need to just fix the problem; but also need to find the quickest possible resolution to it as well. Cover this point with your developer and make sure that customer service and support will be easily forthcoming.


Though there is no fixed formula for ensuring a 100% problem-free experience for you as well as your website development company; mutual agreement and clarity on essential factors at the outset of the web development project can help both sides know what to expect from each other.


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