Some Cool Creative Designs In Advertising


Who said advertising has to be boring? In fact it should be quite the opposite, with colourful and bold designs being used to attract customers. Methods of promoting your company include Flyers, Banners, Advertising and most commonly Business Cards. When designing all of these it is most important to consider creativity and what will attract the public’s eye. Your company should spring out from the advertising shackles and really encourage the customer to remember the advert, and most importantly the name of the company. Many intriguing designs have been used already, with a select range of examples being used in this article as inspiration.

wwfSave The Sharks
The first advert to note is from the WWF. It is intriguing initially since you won’t understand straight away what the advert represents, causing you to further examine the poster’s purpose. The use of simple black and white imagery is effective in portraying what has become a huge environmental problem, without misrepresenting the poster’s intention with inappropriate colours. Sometimes, especially if a serious point is wished to be expressed, using black and white can most suitably convey your message. Upon viewing the writing in the bottom right corner, you can begin to understand that it is the Shark’s turn to fight back, and ultimately win what is in reality more than a game. Since sharks are poached in Asia for their fins, namely for soup, the WWF has fought back by creating this campaign to stand up for those without a voice. Promoting awareness is crucial for achieving their goal, and for those who aren’t aware that sharks are poached unjustifiably for nothing more than their fins, a level of awareness should have been created by this poster to provoke viewers to research the advert’s intention. The awareness created through an air of mystery is very useful for campaigns, intriguing the viewer.

gasGas Mask
The event flyer to the left embodies a bold use of visual imagery and colour, which is likely to imprint more on a person’s memory due to the captivating design. The contrast between black and white elements and the green really help the flyer to stand out and promote the event. After viewing the gas mark imagery you are intrigued to find out who’s on the line up, i.e. who is to be represented by such distinctive imagery. Again a simple use of black and white is used to achieve an effective outcome, except this time with elements of green which really bring the flyer to life. Images such as skull and crossbones and gas masks are especially significant since they have been proved to provoke more memorable responses within the brain. 

futureFuturistic Design
The business card displayed on the right has a really sheik design, with a smooth colour spectrum from one side to the other and a simple and effective method of displaying the company name and contact details. An interesting element is the cut out patterns in the card, which are a persuasive initiative due to their shape and the dimension they bring to the card. Visually stunning yet simple and effective designs are likely to form an imprint on people’s memories, particularly more so than dull and boring designs. Printing cards of this nature is relatively straight forward and key inspirations to be gained are on how simple and effective they can be with no gimmicks: just a sleek design.


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