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When it comes to creating something most people take inspiration from artworks, architecture or film. But there are some within the art community that have started to use old recyclable items as a source for their ideas and projects to the point where they’ve started to create interesting and unique pieces from discarded items that you would normally throw out.


1: Car Tyres Made Into Belts

Everyone’s always looking for new fashion inspiration, so
that’s why turning old recyclables into accessories is always a great idea. In this case it’s stripping down an old tire, cleaning it up and turning it into a belt.


2: Pencil Holder From Old Yellow Pages

In an era of Google the Yellow page books have quickly gone unused and discarded, so why not chop one up and turn it into a holder for pens and pencils that you can use when you’re working on other projects.


3: Picture Frames from Recycled Magazines

We’ve all been there, too many family photos and not enough frames to put them in. So why not tape together a couple of old magazine strips and turn them into picture frames to brighten up photographs. It re-uses the magazines and can even be customised further depending on the types of magazines that you prefer.


4: Decorated Bottles for all sorts of uses

Who does not have empty bottles at home? This idea can be applied to both plastic and glass bottles. Can be used as a stand candle, a vase of flowers and much more.


5: Clocks Crafted Out Of Old Bike Spokes

If you’ve got any old bike parts you’re planning on throwing out why not try turning them into pieces of art, or better yet something like a clock to add rustic feel to the room.


6: Shelves Made From Old Guitars

Everyone’s gone through that phase of wanting to learn guitar, though few actually follow it through which leaves instruments just taking up space. So why not kill two birds with one stone by creating space and putting your disused instrument to good use by turning it into a shelf or fit hinges and create a miniature, musical chest of drawers.


7: Cassette Tape Jewellery Box

No one really uses cassette tapes anymore, so rather than throwing out these obsolete objects, some people have tried turning them into different sized storage boxes for jewellery.


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