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When you start a business, it is important to create a consistent brand identity. Your brand is the way your customers identify with you, and the way they remember you amongst your competitors. Many companies focus their efforts on advertising, logo design and word-of-mouth advertising, but seldom think about how important a website is to creating a consistent brand for the company. However, with nearly half of all shoppers heading online to shop, according to the experts at Internet Retailer, creating a uniform theme across all of your business platforms is a must.

Using your business website is a great way to create brand consistency. Along with creating an online presence, you will increase the traffic to your site, thus increasing your company’s profits. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your site, ensure you have a theme that will bring customers to it. A unifying theme will only work for your business, as long as it runs continuously throughout the site.

Deciding on a Theme

Your theme needs to reflect the goals of your business and represent your products and services in the best way possible, so create a design that ties together all the elements of your business. Using this theme consistently through the site will create a look and feel that flows from one page to the next, as well as from one section to the next. One of the first ways to establish a theme that will create a uniform and recognizable brand for your business is to decide on a title for your site that will best represent your business. The best way to determine your site title is to focus on your target audience and keep it concise. The title should clearly relate what your business’s purpose is. Once you have decided on a title, you can focus on the rest.

The colors you choose for your site should be in line with your business. Reflect them in the font, the backgrounds and in your logo. Color is the perfect way to tie your site together. Additionally, always include high quality images. Your images and colors can establish your theme as being traditional, whimsical, classy or modern. Branding isn’t just about advertising, it is about the experience you create for your customers over time, according to Catherine Ostheimer, director of Marketing Communications for GE Capital Americas.

Custom Built Site or Template

There are two different options available in terms of building a website that is in line with your brand. If you have the budget, you can choose to have a site professionally designed for you. This option allows you full control over the design and layout. It can also yield you a beautiful site, with a custom theme. However, this option may cost a pretty penny. If you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on this aspect of your business, you can use an inexpensive ecommerce website template that you can customize with little effort. A template allows you to plug in your company information without having to know how to program a website.

Choosing the right theme for your company’s website is an important part of creating a strong brand identity. Your brand identity is what your consumers identify with, and what gets them coming back to purchase your products and services. With the right website theme and cohesive branding, you will become a business that will be easily recognized over your competitors. With the proper site theme, you can tie your company’s other advertising efforts together to create a brand identity that will make it hard for your customers to forget.


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