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Nowadays people don’t have time to read even a 140 character tweet; so you need to attract their attention with something even less time consuming. Something like a quality photograph.

The photographs of your publication are one of the most important things that attract readers. Bloggers have found their bounce rates to decrease substantially after they replaced their old uninteresting headers with new cool ones containing a quality image.

The traditional way to get an image is to hire a photographer for a photo shoot. But this method has some serious flaws.

First of all it is costly. Secondly it takes a lot of time. And business owners are usually short on time.

The other method is to go for a stock photo agency. A stock photo agency can be loosely defined as a place which contains thousands of photographs from hundreds of photographers. The buyer can go there and choose the ones that suit him.

This option is not only cheap but also saves a lot of time as images can be bought and downloaded by just a click of a button.

We recommend you try Depositphotos.

Depositphotos is a stock photo agency containing royalty free images. This means that once you buy an image from them, you can use it in any form you like for your entire life without needing to pay any monthly or yearly fees.

The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Florida, USA. Their customers range from over 192 countries and support is provided in 14 languages.

Depositphotos owns a large collection of photographs which is meticulously distributed into different categories.


For example see their wallpapers collection. Although the keyword is “wallpapers” but you can also use these images as backgrounds of your subjects or use them as watermarks on your website’s template.

Similarly if you are making a poster for an ad, check out Depositphotos’s poster templates. As the term “template” implies you just have to choose the poster that you find interesting and replace their text with yours and voila.

There are many more categories so that you are not lost in the sea of images. Animals, Architecture, Education, Food and Drink, Illustrations, Industrial – these are just a few categories’ names.

There are two ways how you can buy their images.

DepositPhotos Plans

One is to buy a subscription plan. Four types of subscription plans are available whose time intervals vary from one month to one year.

The second way is to go for the pay-as-you-go credits option. If you use this method then you will have to buy some credits which will last for a period of one year. Throughout that year you can download files of any size at any time until your credits expire.

As of writing of this article Depositphotos had more than 13 million images, vector graphics and videos. They offer a free subscription which will allow you to browse through all these files.

So go and check it out. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.


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