55 Creative Print Advertising Examples


Following post showcases you with some of the most creative and powerful print media advertisements. Creating such ads requires lot of creativity with new ideas which is never seen. Designers work really well in implementing those ideas. See the full post on 55 Creative Print Advertising Examples.

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National Zoo: Baby Giraffe

National Zoo Baby Giraffe


Renault Mégane: Petrol pumps

Renault Mégane Petrol pumps


The Post Internazionale: Obama

The Post Internazionale Obama


BaBoom: Baby

BaBoom Baby


Rashers: Opening Soon

Rashers Opening Soon


Quercus Books: Life in five seconds, Michael Jackson

Quercus Books Life in five seconds, Michael Jackson


Fairmont Hot Springs Resort: Tuck

Fairmont Hot Springs Resort Tuck


Bayer Aspirin & Cafiaspirin: Lawyer

Bayer Aspirin & Cafiaspirin Lawyer


RioSport: Boxing

RioSport Boxing


CCVR (The Centre Of Consultancy For The Road Victims): Road Hitler

CCVR (The Centre Of Consultancy For The Road Victims) Road Hitler


Land Rover Defender: Lion

Land Rover Defender Lion


RioSport: Tennis

RioSport Tennis


Marmite: Elves

Marmite Elves


Huawei: Fun redefined

Huawei Fun redefined


Safe Kids: Football

Safe Kids Football


Leap Studios: Savoring the meal to come

Leap Studios Savoring the meal to come


Mincetur: Chulucana

Mincetur Chulucana


Mercedes-Benz: Taxi

Mercedes-Benz Taxi


Sankara Eye Hospital

Sankara Eye Hospital


Yoplait: Rasberry

Yoplait Rasberry


Cement Itambe: Hulk

Cement Itambe Hulk


Hovis Bread: Pumpkin

Hovis Bread Pumpkin


Gorila: Tape

Gorila Tape


3M Nexcare: Paper Cut

3M Nexcare Paper Cut


Dank!: Cupboard

Dank! Cupboard


EnergyAustralia: Fridge

EnergyAustralia Fridge


Department For Communities & Local Government

Department For Communities & Local Government


Kit Kat: Take a break from the usual

Kit Kat Take a break from the usual


100 Rokiv Weight Loss Clinic

100 Rokiv Weight Loss Clinic


Anytime Fitness: Store

Anytime Fitness Store


Karlstad Energy

Karlstad Energy


Social & Environment: Polar bear

Social & Environment Polar bear


Brasil Paraquedismo

Brasil Paraquedismo


Top Destinos Magazine

Top Destinos Magazine


Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2

Bausch & Lomb Pure Vision 2


Crocin Pain Relief Tablets

Crocin Pain Relief Tablets


BarraShoppingSul Shopping Center

BarraShoppingSul Shopping Center


Chapel Bar & Bistro: Almighty Night

Chapel Bar & Bistro Almighty Night


Unicef Switzerland

Unicef Switzerland


Penguin Books: Architecture

Penguin Books Architecture


Old Spice: Arms, Mechanic

Old Spice Arms, Mechanic


Askania Watches

Askania Watches


Morton Construction: Tram

Morton Construction Tram


Romaeuropa Festival: Men

Romaeuropa Festival Men


Pfizer Mareol: Boat

Pfizer Mareol Boat


Stihl Leaf Blower: Airplane

Stihl Leaf Blower Airplane


Petlas Tires: Breakwater

Petlas Tires Breakwater


Sociedade do Notícias: Mother

Sociedade do Notícias Mother


Visa: Stanley Cup playoff beard

Visa Stanley Cup playoff beard


Cam: The Child’s world

Cam The Child's world


Ariel: Plates, Shirt

Ariel Plates, Shirt


Pierre Martinet

Pierre Martinet


Amnesty International: Tsunami

Amnesty International Tsunami


UNRIC, The Future We Want: Drop by Drop

UNRIC, The Future We Want Drop by Drop

Colgate Dental Floss

Colgate Dental Floss


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