22 Stunning Presentation Folder Designs


When you are meeting a client, there is nothing worse than handing them a stack of loose paper. You want to look organized and professional. That’s why you need a folder with your brand identity on it.

Designing a folder for your brand sounds like it should be easy, but it is actually a complicated process. Most people pick a standard two pocket folder, because they want to look professional. But professional doesn’t have to be boring. You can choose a creative shape or size, add more panels, or include extras like expandable pockets or reinforced edges. To get an idea of just how many creative folders are out there, take a look at these options from Company Folders.

The following 22 designs will show you what an amazing folder design should look like. From full photo backgrounds to textured cover designs, you’ll find the perfect folder design to inspire you.


Hana Mining Ltd.


UCF Fairwinds Alumni Center


Germantown Friends’ School


Sever Minerals


Epicurience Virginia Wine Festival


Transforming Quality of Life


Medical Design Templates


Details Event Planning


School District Template


Careq International


6 Design Services




Simple Energy


Light Bulb Artwork


JPA Construtora


I-184 Exports


Creative & Clean




People Centric


Ana Liu Photography Studio


George Marez Personal Design


Folder Design for Remodeling Company

Please tell me which folder design here you like the best, or share your other favorite folder inspiration in the comments.


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