20 Creative Advertising Examples


Advertising can be said as the primary market that gives an opportunity to the graphic designers. Almost all the small and large companies in the world rely on the creative skills of the graphic designer. Companies hire graphic designers to create an impactful advertisement of their products. Advertising is a different form of product promotion and manipulates the results in a positive manner. Below is the list of 20 creative advertising examples –

1. McDonald’s Happy Meal Bundle

McDonald's: Happy Meal Bundle


2. Microphone

Facilitas: Microphone, 2


3. Tibits Vegetarian Restaurants

tibits vegetarian restaurant: Natural energy, 3


4. LG Bedroom

LG: Bedroom


5. Samsung Optical Zoom


6. Sitting on Earth


7. Volkswagon


8. LAN Airlines


9. Lego


10. Walgreens Beauty

Walgreens Beauty: Brighten & Enlighten


11. Cepera pepper sauce


12. Inspiration


13. Fenestil Gel


14. Voltaren


15. Sea Help You Breath


16. Polamolecule


17. Organic Shampoo


18. Tuffy Refuse bags


19. Lemon School


20. Waste More Than Just Paper


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