15 Most Popular Uses of Web


Today most of the literate people have started using the web. However many are yet to discover the complete potential of the web. This article will enlighten the newbie user on the various facilities available through the web.

Popular Uses of Web


1. Web surfing

The web is considered to be a mine house of knowledge. Using the search engines like Google, you can literally find out information on almost everything that exists. While most knowledge base websites offer information free of cost, a few might require a fee to provide them.

2. Email and chatting

All the popular internet giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing offer free email and chat services. With email you can simply reach someone in the other end of the world with a click. Live chat can enable you to have real-time experience with your loved ones living in a far away land.

3. Social Networking

Websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Orkut enable users to connect with friends and fans. Today social networking is very popular among businesses and individuals.

4. Videos

Video websites such as YouTube and Megavideo that offer free video hosting are one of the most visited places in the web. They are used for both promotional and entertainment purposes.

5. Online Business

Websites like eBay and Amazon have literally everything on sale. While these are giants, you can find countless online stores selling all that you can imagine right form web-based products like web 2.0 web templates, modern design for brochures, to other products ranging from electronics to vegetables and fruits. They also offer custom poster design templates on demand. Web development companies even offer free website templates as promotional measure.

6. Job Sites

Websites like CareerBuilder and Monster are also visited by professionals and business. You can find both job seekers and employers under one roof.

7. News and Information

There are a number of websites that act as online encyclopedias, Wikipedia is an apt example. Media is yet another one that uses internet to the full. You can literally find all of the news channels live streaming their content in the web.

8. Classified Ads

Now it is possible for the common man to buy or sell almost anything websites such as craigslist provide classified ad service for free.

9. Blogs

Blogging has become the trend of the day. Blogger, WordPress and lot more service providers offer it for free. You can just vent out your feelings, display your skills, or even gossip without restrictions.


There are several websites that allow free downloads of software, computer updates, music, mobile phone back grounds, movies, and other mobile applications. Membership sites often are simply amazing with their value for money products.

11. Online payments

Websites like PayPal and Moneybookers have become a great boon to people who transact purchase products using different currencies of the world. Even small businesses have become greatly dependent on these services for eCommerce.

12. Online Banking

Almost all the reputed banks provide with the option of online banking. You need not visit your branch to check balance, or transfer funds and paying bills. All of the transactions can be made in a jiffy.

13. File sharing

Websites like 4shared, megaupload, and media fire provide file sharing facilities that are very convenient to use.

14. Online games

Gaming sites are one other most used websites in the web. They offer both online entertainment as well as gambling.

15. Online Dating

Online Dating sites too are much visited ones. It enables you to pick your right pair from millions of profiles available online. If you are one above caste creed and culture, online dating sites can server you better.

Web has a lot more uses than you can ever imagine, if you are bit creative you can even generate good online money from the web without having to own a business.


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