Free Photoshop Plugins for Designing Web Themes


Photoshop is a profound, invincible and creative platform that has become extremely popular among web designers. While Photoshop is popular among web designers, WordPress, an open source content management system, is preferred by web developers. In fact, WordPress powers more than 74 million websites today. It allows business owners to build visually stunning and fully functional websites of any niche ranging from personal blogs to e-commerce stores.

However, a majority of web developers find it difficult to use Photoshop for their designing requisites and thus end up spending a fortune on hiring a professional web designer who can help them do their designing chores.
But not anymore! WordPress developers have launched many Photoshop plugins for web developers to help them design, streamline their designing work and make them more productive.

Here is the collection of best Photoshop plugins to accelerate your workflow.



Hexy is one of the best plugins for WordPress users that renders you a quicker way to acquire RGB and Hex color code. Hexy is basically a color-picking tool which allows you to utilize the eyedropper tool and click on the image color you would want to use, and Hexy automatically picks the color for you. This way you can instantly paste it to use it in CSS.

Retinize It


Retinize It performs three different actions – 1x for slicing selected layers/group; 1x, 2x for selected element (scaled by 200% version for retina display); and 1x, 2x, 3x for selected element (scaled 200% and 300% for iOS assets). This is an ideal plugin for developers as well as designers who want to slice UI-elements for web designs and iOS.

Social Kit


Social Kit, as the name suggests, offers customizable themes for four of the most popular and largest social networks i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook along with a range of social buttons. Each theme is fully customizable and sliced, and Social Kit updates automatically when there is a small modification made in the social sites’ designs. It enables you to see your modifications in real time and add contributors to projects to get an assistance to enhance it.

Cut & slice


Cut & Slice allows you to export your resources to a different device in few seconds, and it enhances your workflow by letting you name your layers. You can slice and export documents in PNG format, trimming additional pixels or defining you size you need. Cut & Slice also helps you export your button states.



CSS3Ps is a free cloud-based and extremely popular Photoshop plugin that allows you to convert your layers to CSS3. The bug fixes and updates are usually transparent since it is based in the cloud. Thus there is no need to update CSS3Ps to employ new features. It’s simple and convenient to use. All you have to do is choose your layers and click the plugin button, and it will automatically direct you to the plugin web page where the result will be displayed.

CSS3Ps offers support for vendor prefixes for inner glow, outer glow, drop shadow, gradient overlay, stroke, border radius, SASS and SCSS support, and cross-browser compatibility. You can choose many layers at once as well as groups of layers and transform them with one click, with extra support for blending emboss, bevel and modes. However, in order to make CSS3Ps convert appropriately, you require utilizing the right Photoshop effects.

Photoshop Prototyping Plugin

Photoshop Prototyping plugin

Photoshop Prototyping Plugin is yet another popular Photoshop plugin that allows you to transform your static designs into intuitive prototypes including advanced animations which are compatible with Sketch and Photoshop. This plugin also lets you export your designs via PNG, PDF or HTML formats.



Breeezy is a free WordPress Photoshop plugin that integrates multi-layer export feature for your Photoshop. Breezy allows you to conveniently export various design component and accelerate your design process. One can utilize this feature for your app designs, web designs, and various other graphic designs as well.



Are you looking to integrate images into your design? Well, if so, Pictura is an ideal choice. It enables you to find and integrate images to your Photoshop easily without having to leave your work-space. When activated, the plugin will integrate a new panel on which you can look for any image in any License you require, then add it to your design instantly.

Size Marks


SizeMark is yet another amazing plugin that enables you to integrate object size labels or with the help of a marquee tool, the distance between each object. The plugin saves every label made in a new layer to let you tailor it whatever way you want as an instance modifying the color or changing its position. It is imperative for when you require translating Photoshop designs into a functional website.


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