30 Useful Free Photoshop Patterns


Patterns are one of the neglected tools of graphic industry.  Patterns are the predefined colors that  can be used in the way similar to a brush tool. Using patterns, one can easily paint the desired image or picture. If patterns are used properly, they can replace textures and gradients successfully. There are thousands of adobe Photoshop patterns that are available in different formats and help you in creating designs that look like master piece.These patterns can be changed easily  and one can multiple those patterns to form a new pattern. I share a great collection of 30 useful free Photoshop patterns that you can use in your projects. Enjoy the great round up and don’t forget to use them in your work.

1. Victorian – PS patterns


2. Floral Photoshop patterns


3. Pink Photoshop Patterns


4. Best Pattern


5. 22 free Photoshop patterns


6. Blue Photoshop patterns


7. Floral Photoshop patterns 2


8. Hardcore Grunge Seamless Patterns


9. Playful Retro Patterns


10. Retro Patterns


11. French Wallpapers Patterns 1


12. Isfahan Patterns


13. Wiedemann Patterns


14. Vivid Red Tileable Patterns


15. Vintage Bird Flower Pattern


16. Color Glitter Patterns


17. Classic Patterns


18. Creation Patterns



19. Vibrant Grungy Bokeh Texture



20. Japan Patterns


21. ScrappinCop Summer FUN.PAT


22. Thai Patterns


23. Pilka Dots Patterns


24. Grungy Tree Texture Pattern



25. Pixel Studio


26. Warm Autumn Retro Patterns


27. Television Set 2


28. Ornament patterns


29. Flower Fields 1


30. Flower Fields 2


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