15 Wonderful Free HTML5 Games Released in 2013


HTML5 has redefined the elegance and feel of computer games. There are so many reasons, why the designers and developers have jumped to HTML5, it provides easy accessibility to the website by using simple and easy to read HTML5 codes. The dynamic websites created using HTML5 allows better interaction, as it responds fast to the user. You can also play video and audio without depending on any third party media players. The HTML5’s <canvas> tag helps you to develop funny and interactive games. Here are some of wonderful games created using HTML5 and released in 2013:


Turmoil Deluxe Remake

Games html5 images-turmoil



Atari Arcade

 atari arcade


Shell Heros

shell heros



Simply Mahjong

Simply Mahjong



 Kiwi Run!

Kiwi Run



 Zombie Run

zombie run



Lucky Play

lucky play


PokerTH 1.0

Poker th



Diamond Dash

diamond rash



Fruit Shoot

 fruit shoot







 Infinite Mario

Infinite Mario Bros



Coaster Ville

coster villie


Angry Shapes

angry shapes lite



Cubulous 2

cubulous 2  


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