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You might think your website is one of the finest around; it may have interesting content, a beautiful design, easy to read font, and a memorable URL, but sometimes we get too attached to little details and can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s often a good idea to use external help that can be implemented without bias. In this case, it’s these incredibly useful online tools.

Of course, there are many to choose from out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to a select few that can assist your website in a number of different ways.

Presentation, accessibility, security, speed

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SEO is an unavoidable necessity for websites in 2016; if you want your website to be found, then it simply needs to be optimized for search engines. However, the mechanics of SEO aren’t so easy to follow at first, but that’s where 1&1 and their website checker tool come in. By entering your site’s URL into the search bar, you’ll get a score out of 100 based on four factors (presentation, accessibility, security, speed).

The best part is that the review will praise you if something is right, but also give you tips for improvement if necessary. The website checker might say that your site is optimized for mobile devices and has a touch icon, but that an SSL certificate and Facebook Like button would be worthy additions.


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Regardless of whether you’re an online store with a blog, or a news website concerning a particular niche, you’ve got to have your finger on the pulse. Knowing what is trending can help you deliver content that people are searching for, and nowhere is this better to find than Google Trends. Whether it’s business, sport, technology, or just general news that you want to know about, all are covered on this site. What’s more, useful graphs regarding attention over time can be viewed, so if you can see something isn’t so hot anymore and people are losing interest, perhaps you can switch to something else.

Grammar, spelling, punctuation

So you’ve written a relevant post that’s currently trending, but how is the actual wording, structure, and overall quality of the text? Grammarly is a useful tool for this problem, as it can highlight any spelling (making sure you’re sticking to US or UK English accordingly), grammar (have you used the right preposition?), and punctuation (did you place a comma unnecessarily?) problems you may have included. Most readers will be instantly turned off if they find your text is riddled with errors, as it shows a lack of professionalism, so it’s best to get it right first time.


Not only does an image help clarify what the article is about, but it simply makes things visually appealing. But where do you look for free stock photos that are quick to embed? Pexels is your best bet, as the site contains hundreds of quality and powerful images that will help strengthen your article.


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