Why Your Design Brief Is Critical to the Designer’s Time


It is not very uncommon for companies that have a graphic design department to have difficulties collaborating. In general, outsourcing graphic design can be a tricky thing, mainly because it can be difficult to communicate complex ideas with someone you’ve never met. However, with a good design brief, all of that can be avoided, and you can ensure quality communication. A design brief is an essential document on your part, and with a clear design brief, you can ensure the desired results.

Even if you have selected the best freelancer, whose work you admire and who has the capacity to construct creative design what you need, you will still need a detailed design brief. Here, we will examine why this is so crucial, and how both you and the designer will benefit from this arrangement.

Designers are not mind readers

First of all, designers are not mind readers, and you and your designer will never imagine the same thing. So, unless you have some concrete reference he or she can use, you cannot expect to be blown away with the results.

So, try to explain what you want, but remember to include quality references in your explanation. Your design brief should contain images, based on which the selected designer needs to work and draw inspiration. Of course, this should not be a copy of someone else’s work or a Frankenstein’s monster in comparison to other designs you liked, but still, concrete images are a good thing.

The sooner you reach common grounds, the sooner your designer will finish his or her work.

They need specific and detail oriented input

Another thing to be aware of is specific details and guidelines for work. Unlike images in the previous examples, you need to be specific about the style you want your designer to use. Also, colors play important roles, and they can make the design bright or gloomy depending on what you need.
detail oriented input
Moreover, it would be great if you can list out the specific things you do not want to see in your design. If your designer knows what he or she needs to do, and what things to avoid, chances are that you will end up with an end result that is satisfying.

If you add these specific things later, and if the design requires correction, that will be more time consuming for both you and your designer.


Lastly, your design brief is crucial for future planning. With an elaborate design brief, your designer will know the scope of the project and how much time he or she will need. This will also impact the price and eliminate any future unpleasant situations. If the designer can plan out his or her time correctly, and if you set the price based on that, you can have an agreement that will be easy to honor on both sides.


If the price seems too high, bear in mind that it is because it is complicated, and trying out different cheaper design solutions won’t save you money; you will only pay for the work you won’t end up using.

To sum up, with the quality design brief, you save time, money, and you save both you and your designer a lot of stress. It is complicated to communicate ideas of this type, so both parties need to go an extra mile.


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