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Launching a career in graphic design can be a tough, frustrating, yet ultimately rewarding journey. The number of careers in the field is quite broad – you can opt to go into motion design, package design, or even freelance from home and choose your own clients. Whatever your path, any graphic design work will be challenging. That being said, there are a number of different tools available in the form of apps which can help streamline your workload, as well as help you work in a more efficient manner. Below we’ll look at a couple of apps that are indispensable to graphic designers.



With cloud storage becoming more flexible and affordable, it comes as no surprise that app developers such as CloudApp would take advantage of that. It’s an online platform that operates a bit like Dropbox, allowing for the sharing of data and files between computers. It’s ideal for hosting screenshots, and quickly transferring small files and images to clients without cluttering up your email.


Vector Snap

Ah vector graphics… any designer’s old nemesis. However, with apps such as Vector Snap those old feuds can finally be laid to rest. This app is ideal for saving time when working with vector graphics, which is often compared to pixel graphics. The app allows you to take photos of whatever you would like turned into a vector image by tracing images to SVG. The app also lets you modify the design using pixel and vector filters, add text, tweak the colors and save it in a variety of formats.



Design is a creative field and, as such, inspiration can strike at any moment. Evernote is a cross-platform app for every whimsical thought, note, jotting, receipt or recipe that you need to pen immediately. This is ideal for the designer who is looking to brainstorm ideas on the fly, especially if they have different devices that they use at any given time. So if you’re grabbing a coffee and need to quickly capture an idea on your smartphone, you can effortlessly access it at your laptop or tablet when you get home.



This Adobe-owned app (and subsequent website) is a quintessential staple for designers and other creatives looking to showcase their work online. Not only does Bēhance allow you to host your own work, but it’s an invaluable tool for finding inspiration and following your favorite designers. The ‘Discover’ function allows you to find new work and projects from the best current designers, and makes it easy to filter and navigate based on the subject or creative field. If you like, you can always view a curated gallery on a specific subject.


FX Photo Studio

For a compact photo editor that packs a punch, FX Photo Studio is ideal. For any designer who works with graphics a lot (i.e. all of them), it’s really helpful to have an app that can edit photos on the go. With over 170 different filters and effects, it’s a top choice for improving photos when you don’t have access to your Mac.


Ruler Plus

This is a simple but limitlessly useful application. The concept couldn’t be easier: it’s a ruler on your phone for when you need to measure something. Simply open the Ruler Plus app and place your phone next to whatever you need to measure in inches, centimeters or millimeters. You’ll never have to worry about the height of fonts again!


Adobe Illustrator Draw

Vector Snap isn’t your only answer to creating vector graphics while not in the office. Adobe Illustrator Draw contains many of the functions of its mother program, compacted and contained in a modern and sleek user interface. As well as making vector artwork, the app also allows you to export projects to Photoshop, Illustrator and Capture to ensure that your projects can be developed in multiple mediums and on multiple devices.



It’s not all just about graphics; Typecast is an app catering to designers who require a fount of fonts to choose from. The app gives you access to over 23,000 web fonts sourced from places all over the internet to help you create beautiful and unique designs. It also allows you to test HTML and CSS across a broad range of devices.



Like Evernote, Wunderlist is a powerhouse of organization, allowing even the most disorganized designer to retain some sort of regimen. It allows you to plan for anything whether it be a movie date, a grocery list or a household task. It also allows you to share your lists and work with your colleagues and friends, placing a high emphasis on teamwork.


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