Apps You Never Thought Can Make You a Better Blogger


Your blog is like one of your family members. You nourish it with interesting and informative articles, attend to its needs, make sure that it runs smoothly and is virus free. Thus is it natural for some bloggers to frown upon any app recommendations. You are the only one who knows what your blog need. However, some applications have been developed by people just like you. Some developers have noticed a certain issue in the blogging experience and came up with intuitive solutions to fix them. So, take a few minutes to go through the following apps, and you might end up streamlining your work in no time.

1.     Pocket

Bloggers need just a few things to prepare before adventuring into the world of online writing. First of all, a blog cannot function without good hosting services that should provide certain qualities on which you can read more.  Readers need the perfect ambient to indulge themselves better into the pleasures of reading. Whereas the blogger, he or she needs a reliable source of inspiration.

Some days might find you with a lack of creative ideas. You are passionate about the field that you write about. Unfortunately, the inspiration is not something you possess, but something you come across. So, instead of skipping a blogging day, you can turn to Pocket for ideas.

With this software, you can save for later all the articles that you found and inspired you. Pocket gives you a place of your own, where you can store web pages that are meaningful to you. Once you start building your collection, the days with no topics to write about will be long gone.

2.     Diigo

You can see Diigo as a natural way to incorporate the benefits of reading paper pages into the online world. You can do that by creating an account with Diigo, and then you can start adding notes on the pages you like. When you come back to a bookmarked link that you saved for later, you may have forgotten the reasons why you chose it as an inspiring source of information. However, the comments or reminders will refresh your memory, and you will rediscover how that web page can help you.

Moreover, you are able to highlight the important text directly on a particular page. You can also open your work for others to ensure a better collaboration. Sharing your findings is important to collect quality feedback on your work.

3.     ToDoist


A blogging career might get a little overwhelming on the run. It is usually a one person show, where you have to play different roles at the same time to perfections. Your daily tasks can resemble those of an editor, writer, manager, ideator, marketer, and customer care agent. Even though each one of them takes up a little time for you, together they can become a confusing ball of ideas. All you need is a little organization and the power of visualization which you can simply obtain through ToDoist.

This software offers a plainly designed platform with intuitive features. All you need to do is to write all your tasks here, and the program will be in charge to remind you about them at the right time. Your worries that keep creative thoughts away from you might just melt away with ToDoist.

4.     HelpMeWrite

You don’t necessarily have to take a path of solitude in your blogging career. You always have many people by your side even if you don’t know it yet. These persons are your readers. Once they get hooked up on your stories, chances are they will become loyal to your blog. They wouldn’t engage in such a commitment if they weren’t interested in the field you write about. So, by writing fresh articles, you create a strong community of people who are connected by one main interest. And what’s a better way to make them feel an important part of their favorite blog than asking them for their input?

With HelpMeWrite, you will open a direct line of communication with your audience through votes. You can list the ideas that you are not sure about, and your readers can tell you if they are good enough to receive their own dedicated article. It’s as simple as it sounds!

5.     Flipboard

The world is moving at a dazzling speed nowadays. This means that any industry can find itself on the verge of enjoying the benefits of innovation at any given moment. This makes room for a better future for us. However, it also means that bloggers are always in danger to create outdated content. Your only dependencies are on a reliable Internet connection, and the constant need of knowledge.

Flipboard can give you a solution to this everlasting search of updates. You tell the platform what fields you are interested in, and it will deliver you fresh news the moment they are online. If you like the stories, you can just click on them to read more. It is a good solution to stay among the first people who discover the news and also eliminate the noise of irrelevant articles.

6.     Grammarly

It’s not a matter of lack of knowledge, but it’s a matter of one of our many traits that don’t exactly work in our favor. Sometimes, we don’t have enough energy anymore to pay attention to every detail. Especially when you write lengthy articles, the keyboard, autocorrect, and your fast tapping might make way for grammar mistakes. Grammarly is a witty app that can track down any writing rule breaking with just one click. Thanks to it, you can discover all the mistakes that got some good spots for a hideout.

So, these are the six apps that you might not know that you need them. Being a blogger can be a tough job. However, with the right sidekicks on your side, you can become better with each passing day.

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