5 Top-Of-The-Funnel Testing Tools For A Surefire Mobile App


As, mobile apps are rapidly becoming indispensable for businesses, the end user’s expectations have certainly heighten. This is why, it is imperative to proficiently develop an app and thoroughly test it for an outstanding performance.

Ensuring a mobile application with a minimal number of bugs and surefire performance could be a daunting task. Fortunately, there is no dearth of app testing tools, thus, professionals have remarkable tools test the mobile apps. These tools help ensure a smooth and invaluable UX, so that one can endeavor to make their app an hit in the market upon its release.

Whether you are designing an app for Android, iOS, or any other mobile platform, you can pick an efficient testing tool to determine the bugs and thus, deliver an app with a least number of bugs. Here is a roundup of the best mobile app testing tools, let’s explore them.

1. TestFlight

test-flightTestFlight is an amazing tool, which was originally developed to support test cases for both iOS and Android apps. But, now it has been acquired by Apple, so there is no Android support. This proficient tool will allow you to ask real users to test your app before releasing it. Thus, understanding your user behavior and their test results, you can fix more bugs and deliver an incredible mobile UX upon your app release.

With this tool, you can conveniently invite up to 1000 users via sending them an email to test the app. Along with this invitation email, the external testers will be provided an access to the official app from the App Store. The tool also allows one to share the beta version of the app among 25 team members, however, it is essential to assign an Admin or Technical role to them in iTunes Connect. It then, allows the team members to proficiently test the beta build on maximum 10 devices. This tool is great for testing only iOS 8 or later applications.

2. Applause

applauseApplause is yet another prolific testing tool that facilitates one to test the mobile UX by conducting surveys and audits. The best thing about this tool is that the surveys are executed among handpicked participants. The Applause team helps gather a genuine feedback from real time users, and it, thus, augments the app usability. While offering a detailed report, the tool also allows one to consult the experts and ensure a valuable mobile application for iOS and Android devices.


3. Monkey Runner

monken-runnerFor the folks who are interested in testing Android apps, Monkey Runner is a great choice for automating functional tests for the Android operating system. You need not tinker the source code while executing this tool. The automated tests are written in Python and can be created via a recording tool. You can efficiently run tests either on an emulator or on a real device connected to a desktop. Moreover, its API allows one to handle an emulator, a tablet, and a smartphone without accessing the Android code.

4. Appsee

appseeYou can record the sessions, use the analytics and Touch Heatmaps to decipher the user behavior. This certainly allows one to efficiently kick around and uncover the usability issues. Thus, you can get into your user’s shoes and evaluate the usability of your device. The integrated session recording functionality enables one to review each interaction between users and app. The built-in Touch Heatmaps allow one to determine a specific part of the screen where users spend their maximum time, so that, you can efficiently place CTA buttons in the area. This prolific iOS app testing tool also offers reports for app crash and unresponsive gestures.

5. NativeDriver

NativeDriver is a WebDriver API that prompts the user interface of native apps. You can run this tool for testing iOS and Android apps, however, it is also expected to soon support the Windows apps. The tool is quite simple to use, and you can also refer to the handy guides that are available on the Internet to get started.

These are a few of the much sought after testing tools that facilitate one to ensure an astonishing mobile application. Some tools are great for testing the functionalities of an app, while some are worthy for enhancing the UX by keeping an eye on mobile UX. With superior usability and functionalities, and minimal bugs, you can make your app stand out in the app store and go viral.


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